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  1. I am a seasoned Social Worker, currently doing case management for the visually impaired and blind consumers. I have extensive training with this population.

    I am interested in part-time weekend employment doing intake and doing community resource referrals.

    My contact information is 252 202 1013.


    1. Good morning:

      I apologize for the delayed response; it was an oversight. I left you a voice message a short while ago and look forward to speaking with you. My direct number is (336) 624-6035. Thank you.

      Very kind regards,



  2. I would like some help with get started I have a client and we need to get all the papwork did asap so I can start working asap thank if someone would please call me at 7046358284


    1. Good morning:

      We have been trying to reach you since you posted your message on our website. If you are still interested in working for Champion, please give us a call at (336) 608-4612. Thank you.

      very kind regards,



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